FUTON was performed its first manufacturing in Turkey’s industrial city of Kayseri in 2006 and company’s 8 years of experience and knowledge has been moved to İzmir, which is also a trade and port city.

We, as FUTON Furniture Inc, are proud of delevering our products to 5 different continents as of today, while working in cooperation with BURSALI Metal, Kayseri’s largest and most modern metal processing company.

With its unique design FUTON adds a new dimension in customary sofa applications in Turkey. While getting full marks with its functional, durable and modern lines by customers from different cultures, FUTON is passionate about offering rich alternatives with new designed products and variable color options.

FUTON Furniture Inc.,currently operates in İzmir Chamber of Commerce Organized Industrial Zone (İTOB) in Menderes district of İzmir, has developed the metal interior design concept and sofa with functional metal legs concept and FUTON won recognition with these concepts both in Turkey and Europe.